Our client is a West Coast agency seeking a mid-senior level Drupal developer to support the internal development team on two initiatives with one of their largest clients. It will start with 3 days a week, and ramp up as the Drupal 8 project comes into full-swing.

The first initiative requires integrating a Drupal 7 webform with a REST API that uses JSON. The workflow would be as such:

  1. Obtain the access token from the registration API.
  2. Verify if the record already exists.
  3. Send the registrant data by using the Upsert method.
  4. Send the registrant attributes data by using the Insert method.
  5. Send the registrant opts data by using the Insert method.

The webform already exists in Drupal and is currently connected to Salesforce. The plan is to integrate the form into a new system. The client will provide API documentation. 


The second initiative would be supporting the internal team on the roll out of a new Drupal 8 website. They are currently in the design phase of this project, but plan to get started on development in the next 2 weeks. The new Drupal 8 website would consist of a custom theme (powered by Yarn / SASS / Foundation) and will heavily leverage the Drupal Paragraphs module. The hope is to find a developer who would closely collaborate with our internal team to build, theme and test the various components (paragraph types) on the new website. Tasks would be tracked in Redmine.

Desired Skills:

  • Will have mid-senior level Drupal 8 development skills
  • Will have familiarity with Drupal 7
  • Will have experience working with REST APIs and JSON 
  • Will have experience using GIT for version control
  • Will have a strong visual sensitivity to design detail and layout 
  • Will be available to communicate via Slack during the majority of 8am - 5pm Pacific PST
  • Will have strong English proficiency / communication skills 

Finally, aside from having the technical chops to get the projects done, a cultural fit is very important. They are really looking for this candidate to feel like a member of the team. Frequent communication & collaboration on Slack during Pacific Time will be critical to success. Therefore candidates will most likely need to be in the US or Canada, however if there are exceptional folks in other markets willing to meet these requirements with the needed communication skills and schedule that could be a consideration. 


Experience Level: 
Time Commitment: 
Type of Job: 
Start Date: 
Monday, May 18, 2020
Skills Needed: 
Drupal 7
Drupal 8
Webform Integration
Paragraph Module
Communication Skills
Job Category: 
Job Duration: 
3 months
Choose Time zone: 
Pacific Timezone
Only US Contractors can apply
How many hours per week?: